Bill Hornaday is based out of Portland, Oregon with substantial part of the year spent In Italy. He is a BFA graduate from UCLA, where he attended both the art and film schools. He worked in the film industry for many years. Bill has been a photographer intermittently since film school and as always used the camera as a form of artistic expression. Since 1995, Bill has devoted himself full-time to Art being involved in the seemingly contradictory arts of steel sculpture and photography. His sculpture is widely collected and is in museum collections. His work was prominently featured in the art book: FROM FIRETO FORM by Matthew Clark (Schiffer Publishing, 2009). Bill’s interest in photography has concentrated on the light and color in nature creating abstractions, and using these abstractions to photographically “paint” a picture through the lens, finding those overlaps where art and nature become metaphors for each other, which can be discovered by a rigorous examination by the viewer. His work has been shown at the Smithsonian, as well as in galleries in San Francisco, Carmel, Palo Alto, Bethesda, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz (USA), Milano (Italy) and Bressanone (Italy).

Bill has been very interested in photographing the South Tyrol of Italy, where he resides part of the year and was a designated artist for the famed International Mountain Summit held in Brixen/Bressalone, which is sponsored in part by BMW and Durst Phototechnik, which sponsored him in providing many large-format prints.  Bill has had exhibitions in Milan, Italy and Brixen/Bressalone, Italy as well as exhibitions in San Francisco, CA, Carmel, CA; Palo Alto, CA; Bethesda,MD; Washington, DC; Los Angeles, CA and Santa Cruz, CA.

In May 2018 Bill will have a solo exhibition of 60 photographs at the Mediateca di Santa Teresa of Milan, which is the “Braidensa” National Library’s division   devoted to new media.  The library is in   the baroque church of Santa  Teresa and San Giuseppe.

Bill has several books published on his art, including DIVISA NATURA (2013) and AQUA MONTIS (2015) with Lo Mei Hing (Diana LoMeiHing) and which contains a critic al essay by Vittoria Coen. Additionally, he was included in Photography Forums books, BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2013 and BEST OF PHOTOGRAPHY 2014.

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