Artist Statement

           In my photography I attempt to distill nature to its essence of color and shape I take some small piece of nature and expand it into its essence.   Through reflections and the use of unusual, but natural, lighting I attempt to make digital paintings of some imaginary nature. A photo is at once true but also pushed into some alternate universe where exist only sculptural form, color and vaguest glimpses of our daily vision. My photos are meant to explore the refracted reality hidden in the microscopic, through a squint of the eye, a peek around a corner to an unknown universe.  I want to walk my audience through an alternate reality that triggers similarities to our conscious world, but ultimately portrays life forms henceforth undiscovered.    These colors and patterns exist just beyond our consciousness.  Most of these pictures were shot in the same location, the colors and patterns changing as I shot in different months and different hours.   It has always been fascinating to me to explore the link between nature and modern art, as each seems a metaphor for the other.

© Copyright 2018 — Bill Hornaday