Artist Statement

            In both my sculpture and photography I attempt to distill nature to its essence of color and shape. In my sculpture I take the essence of the female form and distill it into the hot steel. In my photography I take some small piece of nature and expand it into its essence. Through reflections and the use of unusual, but natural, lighting I attempt to make digital paintings of some imaginary nature, which is at once true but also pushed into some alternate universe where exists only sculptural form, color and vaguest glimpses of our daily vision.


            Bill Hornaday is a BFA graduate from UCLA, where he attended both the Art and Film Schools. Bill worked in the film industry for many years, for Columbia Pictures and Avco Embassy Pictures among other companies. He supervised the production of THE FOG, THE ONION FIELD, and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.  

Since 1993 Bill has been working in metal sculpture, primarily creating sculptural steel vessels and their larger progeny, architectural columns and larger sculpture. Bill's studio, NAGA FORGE, is located in Los Angeles, California, although he completes his larger work in Santa Cruz, CA. His works range from small vessels to large pieces in excess of ten-feet tall. Bill seeks through his sculptural work to create a powerful and alchemical process of transforming steel into objects of unexpected beauty and delicacy, refining his organic and sensual style with the smaller vessels, which originally served as design models for larger architectural adornments and sculptures. Bill’s work evokes the sinuous female form, a powerful model for inspiration and in itself a symbol of strength and beauty. The sculptural vessels have been well received, winning praise and prizes, including a best-of-show Merit award at the Smithsonian Craft Show. Bill's work continues to be seen in museums, shows and exhibitions across the country. His work featured in the art book FROM FIRE TO FORM by Matthew S. Clarke (Schiffer Publishing, 2009).
Bill has worked intermittently as a photographer since college and as always used the camera as a form of artistic expression. Since 2005, Bill has been devoting himself full-time to photography and photography-related mixed media. Bill’s interest recently has concentrated on the reflections of light and color to create abstractions, and using these abstractions to photographically “paint” a picture through the lens. Bill does not use any filters whatsoever to abstract his images, but captures these photo-paintings directly from nature.


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